Our Approach

Our mission is to provide individualized attention to each customer and project. We don’t rely on automated processes. Instead, we look carefully at every project and work with you to craft the end project you need for your business. We apply the same approach when working with individuals and authors. Our success is dependent upon your success—our main goal.

Our Story

Red Writing Hood Ink (RWHI) is a former literary and management agency. When RWHI founder Sheri Williams moved to TouchPoint Press to serve as publisher, it became apparent to her that access to quality and affordable services for businesses and authors lacked a very important detail—focus on the customer. Other services seem boilerplate with very little emphasis on what the customer needs and even less on individualized attention.

TouchPoint Press was born from a desire to give small business affordable access to quality services and to help authors gain a voice in an industry where they are often silenced in a sea of “what’s trending” versus taking a closer look at the bigger picture. That’s not to say that we don’t like trends; we do. However, we know that many talented authors have been rejected based on the politics of the industry versus the merit of their work.

After working with many talented and award-winning authors, TouchPoint Press launched its Romance and Faith imprints. Now, we’re proud to be a part of the new Small Business Services imprint, housed exclusively under the RWHI name.

We work with a roster of talented writers and editors whose dual focus on the individual person or business and their respective needs.

We look forward to helping you!

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